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I disconnect from the world to only ease the pain
If only for a second then I will take it every single one
Just lifting thoughts off my shoulders that weigh a ton
The fire behind these once driven eyes are gone
Self destruction by your hand, with the unsung song
A song that has been passed down from those who cant see
Encircled words that form the notes that are not to be
The ones that cause thoughts leave open cuts upon the flesh
So open and free flowing they never heal for they are fresh
The words that are scars upon then skin
Shall never be seen again
With out a sign of concern, not even a tear
The one thing you are know is about to disappear
Disappearing into the one place you could never reach
The lessons that are displayed on my back, lessons to shun and teach
Never to be given the time of day
Lost and confuse nothing to say
I know now to be silent and act my age
To take the final bow and leave this stage
paino music... curse it
Kate220 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009  Hobbyist
haha it's very good i love it i love all of your poems you're just so amazing! =)
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November 3, 2009
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