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I said I would die for a rare few
Now I lay dying holding true
Needle left in my arm, suicide
As if she cared, this is how I died
Laughter ending in the living room
Weep less art thou groom
The busting words was not here
But said in a state of panic and fear
So lay down the rope
As in hell, abandon all hope
For the soul is gone
Just like the lover song
his boots no longer by her door
matters not to her on the floor
She is meant to do as told
As same for the body bag they unfold
Writing on the walls in red ink
Take this as you will, breath and think
I mean what I know behind the letters
I leave with the final idea and guesses
Look at the wording, then you see the message
sorry for being lazy and no posting like i usually do but i got bored and new books... hehe
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December 9, 2009
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