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This shit has to stop
Drama got to drop
I am tired of drama's kid
Wishing to reseal this lid
So I can live without stupidity
But like Helium, amount is infinity
Its time to face the reality
Even if it's a life full of morality
Time to throw on big kids pants
Will you sit out or dance?
God knows I am leading the band
I am done with back than
Playing a new tune as you sing ones of old
I see now what I was told
But some just rather live in the gone
Wishing to see a past setting of the sun
Sorry, but like notes, its not coming back
I see what I need and what others had to lack
But sigh and carry on with rolling your eyes
I am just happy to be me again and not lies
I feel better and cleaner of mind
Now I sleep is to what you find
Read as deep as you desired
But you will end up tired
For only two will know what I mean
But its not for you to see how its to lean
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Submitted on
February 25, 2010
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